Spring 2009

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Building Begins! - Kiln Shares Coming Soon!
Photo Contest Reminder - Wedding Gift Ordering and Eaton Studio Hours
Small Brushes with "Fame"

So much news!  Nathan and I have had a busy, happy winter commuting between
studios in NH and VT with unfired pots (the subject of an upcoming
Studio Potter
article!), all the while drawing up plans for our new kiln and studio site in the
field.  We've got loads of new pots in the Eaton showroom, including many
collaborative pieces we're very excited about.  We continue to be "open for
business" whenever we're there . . . please be in touch if you'd like to come by for
a visit.  In any event, things are moving right along in the direction of
Vermont . . . read all about it below!
***Our New Website Has Even More Photos and Updates!***

Lumber On The Way!

We're eagerly awaiting many thousands of board feet of rough cut hemlock from
a local sawmill!  We hope to get started on building the large shed for our kiln on
drier ground in May, and perhaps start laying some brick in the summer.  We've
also been plugging away at renovations on the milk shed (at left), and plan to
spruce it up into a gallery for pots while we await more permanent studio
construction in 2010.  This all amounts to a desire to start welcoming visitors late
this summer and into the fall . . . I can't wait; we have such a beautiful spot to
share with you!

Kiln Shares Coming Soon!

I'm really excited about this idea, and although we're still figuring out some
details, I'd like to give you a little preview to consider . . . Nathan and I would like
to offer "shares" in our new kiln!  Basically, you would purchase a share for an
amount that fits your budget ($50, $250, $1,000- whatever works!), and receive, in
exchange, a wholesale rate on pottery of your choosing.  For example, a $100
share could yield you $150 worth of pottery-buying power at our new location!  
The capital we raise through shares will help us get our studio off the ground
more quickly, and give you a chance to become acquainted with the goods from
our new kiln!

***An addendum . . . we've opted to turn this idea into "studio shares," and hope
to be offering them in 2011 as we begin work on our studio . . .
please feel free to
contact us with thoughts or questions!

Send In Your Photo Contest Submissions!

Several fantastic entries have made it to my mailbox over the past couple of
months, but I know there are many still sitting in their cameras . . . it's so much
fun for the world to see how you use your "Becca Pots," and just for sharing them
with me, you're eligible to win a $75 gift certificate and 10% off for the year!  
The deadline for submissions is April 30th,
more contest info here.

Wedding Gifts and Eaton Studio Hours

I'm now taking orders for summer wedding gifts; in fact, we both are!  Platters,
large bowls, teapot and cup sets . . . you name it.  I may be able to find you a piece
that is currently in the gallery, or make you something to suit.  Custom orders
placed in April can be completed in late June.  I'm also still doing wedding
registries, which have been a big hit with couples as well as their families and
friends . . . you can read a "testimonial" on registering with
Becca Van Fleet Pottery by clicking on the link below!

Email Me To Order A Gift:
Check out the Wedding Registry Page
Check out Nathan's Pots for Ideas, Too!

In The Media!

I was thrilled to find that Lucinda Williams is using one of my mugs to help her
ease through her transition from Grand Marnier to Green Tea :) . . . a small
photo of a black mug she got while performing at the
Stone Mountain Arts
Center (SMAC) last summer appeared in the New York Times Magazine on
March 1st!  
See the NY Times Magazine Article

Also exciting is the news that an article I recently wrote for the Studio Potter
magazine will be published in their next issue!  That comes out this summer . . .
it's a really wonderful, highly regarded publication which I enthusiastically
Check out Studio Potter Magazine

Looking forward to seeing you all in the coming months!

With Great Fondness and Appreciation,

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