Congratulations to Michael and Traci Komorek of Concord, New Hampshire,
whose photo of their daughter, Bella, is this year's big winner!
And the most amazing part?  It's the only mug she'll drink water out of!
I think I can safely say that the whole family will be excited
about winning this gift certificate!
Congratulations also go out to Kristine Lingle of Bethlehem, NH for her two beautiful
photos . . . Kristine is this year's first runner up!
Thanks to Brad Fuller (photographer) and co-conspirators Thais
Charbonnet and Mariel Feider
, all of Brownfield, Maine, for this photo of
the SMAC (
Stone Mountain Arts Center) mugs and gals . . . taken
surreptitiously moments before their shifts began at a Mark Cohen concert!
At right, a photo of
"well-framed food" as
Jason Davis and Julia
Griffin of Cleveland
Heights, Ohio,
like to
call the pottery they
received from their BVF
Pottery wedding registry!  
Looks great . . . thanks,
guys, and congrats!
Tina Burford of Brownfield, Maine tells me
she won't put her Becca Mugs in the cupboard
because she likes to look at them perched here!

Kristen McDermott of Fryeburg, Maine, took these two shots,
including a last-of-summer bouquet, and most sentimentally,
of the urn I made for their beloved dog, Bird.
Sanya Carley of Durham, NC,
sent in this photo of a very early
(college era!) Becca pot.
Kurt, Cathy, and Madelyn Fisher of Eaton, NH,
recently visited New Hampshire Senator Jeanne
Shaheen in her Washington, D.C., office . . . and
found a Becca Bowl!  I had been wondering if this
"stones bowl" would make the final cut in office
decor!  Thanks, Fishers.
Theresa Swanick of Freedom, NH,
brought her blue mug (also vintage
Becca ware!) to see the Dalai Lama-
wow, that's pretty fantastic.
A very big "thank you" to all who contributed their time and creativity to the photo contests.
I will welcome photos all year long . . . just happy to know you're enjoying your pottery!
All the best,