Winter 2008

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Although I must admit to feeling a slight instinct towards hibernation, it's just
been too beautiful a winter here in New Hampshire . . . with the sun shining
through the studio windows, the clay has been calling and the urge to create has
surpassed the desire for a post-holiday break!  So I'm back at it; looking forward to
what 2008 will bring . . .

Highlights from 2007

So many of you have inquired, and I'm really pleased to report another excellent
year for Becca Van Fleet Pottery!  There were inspiring travels and countless
hours of hard, rewarding work, as well as an exciting mix of new and familiar
faces at the studio sales and shows . . . and it's that in particular that makes it all
worth it!  I'm so grateful to all of my wonderful customers.  
Together, you bought
over 1190 pieces of pottery!
 That includes almost 425 mugs, and 260 bowls, and
doesn't even touch the 330 magnets that found their way out into the world.  
Wow, I knew I felt busy . . . :)  Thanks again.  Oh, and my favorite sale of the last
year just might have been a neighbor who showed up in a driving December
snowstorm on his telemark skis, bought pots and filled his backpack for the
two-mile uphill trek home.  I always knew you were an amazing bunch!

First Annual Photo Contest

I'm excited to announce the first Becca Van Fleet Pottery Photography Contest!  
How do your "Becca Pots" get used at home?  Maybe you look particularly good
using your mug, or your table looks incredibly spiffy all decked out in dinnerware .
. . whatever the case may be, capture it photographically and you'll have a shot at
winning $75 to spend on my pottery, as well as 10% off your purchases for the
rest of the 2008 season!  Entries must be received by April 30th, 2008 . . . details
are available at the link below; get snapping! :)  Oh, and be sure to forward this
link on to all the lucky gift- recipients on your list.

Back Into The Studio . . . Ordering Custom Work

It's a great time of year to be experimenting and taking a bit more time in the
studio to "play" . . . without the pressure of shows looming, I feel more like an
artist and less like a factory.  So it's also a great time for me to be working on new,
custom designs for weddings, or even a new dinnerware set for you and your
family.  While I've already got a handful of fun projects, I'd love you to share your
ideas with me- thinking ahead helps us both!
(Getting married?  
Learn more about registering with me for your wedding.)

I have also recently
updated the Gallery with new images
of work from the last few months.

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement!  Best wishes for a
happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year,


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