Summer 2007

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Summer Studio Sale - Wedding Gift Ideas - Upcoming shows - Travel Photos

Summer is here!  The garden is growing and the studio is filling with pots in
anticipation of a very full summer of shows.  I love this time of year; coming out
of studio hibernation is exciting, and getting out to see you all at shows and fairs is
a real highlight of the year.  It seems that the movement to "shop locally" is
gaining strength, and I hope you will support that trend by shopping for gifts with
local artisans . . . spend a few extra dollars at the farmer's market or craft fair or
locally-owned independent business, and keep our local economies strong.  And
you just might feel great doing it.  OK, off the soapbox . . . news!

Open Studio Sale This Weekend!
It's bit later this year, but the weather is gorgeous and the bugs are almost
gone . . . in short, it's a great time to make the drive out this way.  
Saturday, June 30th, and Sunday, July 1st, from 10am - 5pm both days, you can
find the best selection of my work, including a
kiln opening on Saturday
morning, and a number of sale/discounted pieces.  Hope to see you!
directions to the Eaton Studio

Wedding Gifts
The season is upon us!  Giving a handmade gift of pottery can be a thoughtful,
useful, and timeless gift to a new couple.  Photos of large bowls, pairs of morning
coffee mugs, and serving pieces are easily posted on the website for your
choosing . . . simply email to tell me that you're curious about the options, give
me a vague idea of color preferences (earth tones? pastels?), how much you'd like
to spend, and I can have something on a UPS truck very quickly!  
email me

Upcoming Shows (and lots of 'em)
As I made my new postcard recently, I realized that I'm scheduled for a show or
fair nearly
every weekend until the end of August- phew!  I hope you'll come say
hello, and have a look at my new work.   The
list of shows, including events in my
own North Conway, Wiscasset and Yarmouth, Maine, as well as the New
London/Sunapee area of New Hampshire, can be viewed by clicking

Travel Photos
I had the incredible good fortune of logging some fairly extensive miles this
spring, spending a most eye-opening month backpacking in Japan and China
(photos at left), followed by my wood-firing in Belfast, Maine, and a lovely week in
English countryside.  As is often the case, time spent
outside the studio proved
more inspiring than cold winter months
in it, and influences from my travels,
especially Asia, are likely to make their way into my work in the months and years
to come.  It's all very exciting . . . I've posted some of the
photographic highlights,
and a bit of commentary here on my site-
have a look!  

Studio Hours
The studio is open this summer by appointment- please don't hesitate to call.
I wish I could have actual regular hours, but between traveling to shows and super
busy studio work, we'll have to wait for fall to see the good ole' "Come On In" sign!

As always, thanks for the support and encouragement,

Fondly yours,

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