Wedding Registries
at Becca Van Fleet Pottery
Congratulations on your upcoming
wedding!  At this stage, perhaps you've
begun perusing the many sites dedicated
to dish-buying for newlyweds.  

And perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "wouldn't it be great to have dishes
with a little more personality?"  Or maybe you'd simply like to add a few accent
pieces to a line of dinnerware from another company.

Whether you'd like to outfit your entire kitchen with "functional artwork," or
you'd just like a few special items, I'm happy to provide you with the
opportunity to register for truly unique handmade pottery.

Setting Up Your Registry

I host wedding registries on our new website, www.twopotters.com/registry  
Your wedding guests will be able to purchase gifts for you with our shopping
cart in a secure, user- friendly way.

For thoughts and ideas . . . here are some sample registries I've done recently:

Chelsea and Dave
Janet and Freddie
Evan and Dan

A "Testimonial" from
Jason Davis and Julia Griffin:  

"As we planned our wedding, we knew we wanted to register for dishes with a potter
whose work would reflect our style and sensibilities. When we came across Becca's site,
we were enthralled both by the energy and texture of her pots and by the lively
expression of individuality which permeated her site. Though it was only three months
before the wedding when we contacted her, she enthusiastically agreed to work with us
and set up a page, personalized with our photo, where our guests could view and
purchase the pieces we'd chosen.

We live in Ohio right now, so we didn't actually meet Becca until the week of the
wedding, but it was a delight to arrive at her studio and see the pieces our friends and
family had chosen for us. Each pot was accompanied by a personal message from the
giver, handwritten by Becca on her whimsical, illustrated note cards.

We had been eagerly awaiting the chance to see the pieces in person after seeing the
sample pictures online, and they truly did take our breath away when we held them in
our hands. Becca was able to personally introduce us to the works and acquaint us with
the details of how they had been made. It was really a treat to visit her studio, see her
kiln, and marvel at the other pots that she had fired."