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Happy New Year!  
First and foremost, Nathan and I would like to THANK YOU so very much for
your support and encouragement throughout this big transition of ours to
Vermont!  While we are feeling more settled and organized all the time, we are
looking forward to another big year in 2010, both excited and grateful for all that
is progressing in our pottery lives together.  Thanks for staying in touch, and we
hope to see you this year . . .

2009 in Review

Phew, what a year! We are proud to list among our accomplishments the
completion of our 30' x 40' kiln "shed" (ahem, barn) that we built with our good
friend Bob and key assistance from family and friends.  This process included a
good old fashioned barn raising on a sunny day in late November, along with
single-digit roofing just days before the winter solstice!  As if that wasn't enough,
we were proud to hold the Grand Opening of our renovated gallery space in early
December.  It was well attended and festive- a special shout-out to the amazing
folks who helped build our shed in the snow while their wives shopped!!!
We also had two very successful retail shows in Maine and New Hampshire, and
several great exhibitions at galleries in Vermont and Massachusetts.  (Congrats to
Nathan for a sold- out show at the Cup Invitational!)  
All in all, it was an incredible year.

The Milkshed Gallery Is Open

It is SO nice to have a show space again for all of our pottery (photos at left), and
we'd be happy to have you visit this winter . . . please email or call first and we'll
get the wood stove cranking!  We're looking forward to opening on a more
regular basis come spring - hours will be posted online - and we're hoping to
participate in the
Vermont Open Studio Weekend on Memorial Day Weekend.  
By that time, we'll be kiln building and there should be lots to see!

The New Kiln

We were psyched to have a warm spell in early November that allowed us to pour
the concrete slab foundation under the shed. (photo at left)  As soon as
temperatures warm up a bit and we can scape the ice off the slab, we'll begin
moving and laying out brick.  We have many of our materials on site (over 3000
hard and soft brick will at least get us started!) and some pretty nice homemade
drawings to work by.  It'll be a steep learning curve for me, but I know Nathan
and his wealth of experience in this realm will be the best of guides.  
We're building a hybrid kiln, two chambers, about 25 feet long with a rise of
about 5 feet over that span.  It'll be fired solely with wood, the pottery sharing the
first chamber with the firebox, and the second chamber receiving a soda
treatment.  It should be quite something. . . please let us know if you're interested
in being a part of the process in some way!  (Anyone have a spare concrete mixer
or wet saw laying about?!?!  We could use 'em!)

Take a Class!

Both Nathan and I are teaching in the coming months.  If you're in the Hanover,
NH area, take a glance at the courses offered at the League of NH Craftsmen . . .
Nathan is teaching an Open Studio session this winter, and I'll be holding a four-
week session on painted pots (!) starting in April.  Perhaps Nathan will offer a
raku class, too.  Have a look here:  

Oh, right . . . pottery!

Somewhere in the midst of all this building excitement, we are finding the time
to make pottery. :)  I am renting a studio here in Vermont, and making many of
my standard pots in white stoneware- wine cups, butter keepers, plates, bowls, and
mugs.  I am also having fun working on a new group of pots involving more slips
and bright colors, somewhat akin to my past earthenware work. (photo at left)  
We'll see how this goes . . . stay tuned!

If you haven't yet been to our new website,
www.twopotters.com, then now is a
great time- we've just re-done the entire thing to include lots of photos, as well as
our very own store with a shopping cart and PayPal!

Gratefully yours,

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